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Who it's for

Companies that want to work with some of the best cannabis business consultants in the industry to take a department or an entire operation from good to great, or from struggling, to successful. 


Our Business Development team has real life experience in cannabis business management, departmental operations, compliance, financial performance, team building and procedural development.


Customized strategies to identify and address opportunities for organizational performance to fuel revenue generation and operational efficiency.


Business Development projects are our most broad offering. These projects create a solution to every obstacle a company is facing in order to clear the path to their ultimate goals. We perform a business diagnostic, identify the underlying issues and create an actionable plan and customized package.  Clients work with us for business development when they've identified an issue that they want fixed, when they want to build out a new business activity, or when they have a feeling their business isn't performing as well as it could and they want to invest in figuring out why.


some project types in this category

  • Multi state expansion

  • Sales department development

  • Team trainings

  • Brand ambassador program design

  • SOP updates

  • Recruitment

  • New product launch

  • Operational compliance mock inspections

  • Ground-up business diagnostic to identify ineffective processes and create a pathway to margin increase​

  • Establishing consistency in brand, procedures & customer experience across multiple locations


If you’re looking for a cannabis consulting firm with experience and the right team to help you navigate the complex regulations and operating standards, we can offer the support you need. Schedule a 15 minute intro call to see if Cann Strategy is the right firm for you.

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