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Who it's for

Industry Professional, Investors, Newcomers, Owners and Managers of operational cannabis businesses including dispensaries, cultivations, productions, and social consumption lounges.


No longer worry about going in blind, having to know everything, putting out every fire on your own, or knowing exactly what to do all the time at the drop of a hat.


Have a go-to external team member to brainstorm solutions for a specific problem, or to be on hand on an ongoing basis for the constant changes and trip wires that businesses face everyday in the cannabis industry.


Having a dedicated line of communication to our team of top cannabis business consultants on a special project on on a day to day basis makes it easy for us to help you find solutions, provide updates and keep up with any changes that affect you. Cannabis businesses consistently struggle to stay up-to-date with ever-changing regulations, shifting industry trends and the million things to manange to keep a successful cannabis business going.  Not having the time and resources to focus on your business and its priorities can lead to unexpected fines or worse… lost revenue.


 Allow us to handle the small things so you can focus on what matters. 


If you’re looking for a cannabis consulting firm with experience and the right team to help you navigate the complex regulations and operating standards, we can offer the support you need. Schedule a 15 minute intro call to see if Cann Strategy is the right firm for you.

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