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Corrective Action Plans

Our team interprets deficiency notices for both applicants and operators, devising thorough and actionable written solutions to meet regulatory deadlines.


Client Type

  • Cannabis license applicants who've been issued a deficiency notice from state regulators, seeking assistance to promptly understand and address the issue.

  • Existing cannabis operators notified of a deficiency or suspension after an audit or inspection, requiring a swift, well-drafted corrective action plan for submission within the specified deadline to prevent further business repercussions.


Service Summary

We craft action plans in response to deficiency notices, ensuring regulatory compliance and addressing the identified issues.




Top 5 Outcomes

  • Timely resolution of all cited deficiencies.

  • Reduced risk of application denial OR operational interruptions or shutdowns.

  • Education for staff to maintain adherence to updated standards.

  • Avoidance of potential fines or penalties.

  • Reinforcement of brand reputation and trust.

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