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Who it's for

New market entrant with a new cannabis business license and wants professional assistance.

Existing operator with a newly licensed location who wants to launch their new location without overextending their internal team.


Our team is specialized in new venture development in the cannabis industry and have worked specifically with launching companies for years. 


Get your business to revenue generation as effectively as possible with an operation worth being proud of.


Timelines, compliance, and go to market strategy are crucial in the startup phase. When clients select our cannabis consulting firm as their startup partner, we dive right in, and handle things from day 1 to doors open. We take a soup to nuts approach by project managing and participating in the execution of key activities such as facility set up, service provider scouting, and team development - all according to state regulations and the business plan. 


If you’re looking for a cannabis consulting firm with experience and the right team to help you navigate the complex regulations and operating standards, we can offer the support you need. Schedule a 15 minute intro call to see if Cann Strategy is the right firm for you.

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