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Complete Business Preparation

As enthusiasts of new venture development, our team thrives in the startup phase, which many find challenging. We offer a comprehensive approach, managing and executing vital tasks like facility setup, service provider sourcing, and team building, all aligned with state regulations and your business plan.


Client Type

  • New Market Entrant: Seeking professional guidance for a fresh cannabis business license.

  • Existing Operator: Aiming for a smooth launch of a newly licensed location without burdening the internal team.


Service Summary

Whether it's your 20th location, or your very first - from the day you secure the paper license through the day of the grand opening, we guide you through every step.


We ensure alignment with your business plan and regulatory compliance, help you sidestep pitfalls, troubleshoot issues, and instill confidence in your team and procedures so the business is prepared for take off.


Plus, we'll stay onboard post-launch to guarantee a smooth transition and address any nuances.



  • Streamlined Startup: Complete project coordination from paper license to grand opening.

  • Regulatory Alignment: Assured compliance with both your business plan and state regulations.

  • Team Confidence: Equip your staff with proper training and clear operating procedures.

  • Risk Mitigation: Knowledgeable guidance to navigate potential pitfalls and trip wires.

  • Post-Launch Support: Continued assistance during initial months to address and rectify any operational challenges.

Let Cann Strategy

be your compass.




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