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We Help Visionary Cannabis Business Strategies Come Alive.


Through our years of experience, we have developed creative methodologies tailored to each aspect of the cannabis business. Whether you are a novice entrepreneur seeking advice on licensing or an established enterprise looking to expand, Cann Strategy is here to guide you towards success.

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License Applications

Imagine your enterprise standing out with an award-winning license application penned by our seasoned experts. We turn the complex maze of licensing into a clear path toward victory. Our track record is a testament to our ability to navigate the intricate tapestry of regulations with finesse, securing your spot at the forefront of this thriving industry.


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Special Projects

Our approach is rooted in understanding the multifaceted nature of the cannabis industry and tailoring our guidance accordingly.  We understand that each business is unique and requires tailored guidance to meet specific objectives. Whether it's a strategic initiative restructure, process optimization, or a niche project, our experienced team offers customized solutions based on your individual needs and industry dynamics. 

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Full Scale Set Up

Transitioning from plan to action can be daunting—but not with Cann Strategy by your side. Our hands-on approach in orchestrating operational setups ensures you hit the ground running. Moreover, we empower your team with elite training programs designed to forge industry leaders, ensuring that every member is equipped to excel.


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Operation Refinement

Compete at the highest level with with our Operational Refinement Services. We streamline your operations for peak performance and efficiency by by addressing the issues you've identified or by identifying areas for improvement for you, and providing clear plans of action and progress goals for your business. If you want a detailed overview of your entire operation, our diagnostic review highlights potential enhancement spots across your organization.


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Retained Advisory 

Want to keep the momentum going? This premium offering allows businesses to retain our expertise on an ongoing basis for operations and strategic advice. With this service, we become a long-term partner in your journey, providing continuous guidance to navigate through operational complexities and strategic decisions.




For nearly a decade, we've been the guiding light for cannabis enterprises of all shapes and sizes. From bustling dispensaries to intricate processing facilities, from pioneering cultivations to vibrant social consumption lounges, our expertise has been the cornerstone of industry triumphs, providing the strategic guidance and expertise needed to navigate the complex world of cannabis business.


We understand that running a successful dispensary involves more than just selling cannabis products. It requires careful inventory management, stringent compliance with regulations, and exceptional customer service. We work with clients from the very inception of their idea all the way through their doors opening for business.  When it comes to dispensaries we've done everything from winning license applications in competitive markets, setting up operations for the first time, preparing businesses for acquisition, and helped develop and implement execute multi-state expansion initiatives. 


As the demand for cannabis continues to grow, so does the need for expert cultivation. Our knowledgeable team has developed robust cultivation standard operating procedures, helped cultivation facilities remain operationally compliant through years of operation, and developed to-market and sales strategies.

Social Consumption Lounges

Social consumption lounges are a relatively new concept in the cannabis industry, but they're quickly gaining popularity. We can help you navigate this uncharted territory.  Having written complete standard operating procedures for some of the first cannabis consumption lounges licensed in Las Vegas and Nevada, we have immersed ourselves in the intricacies of technical operations, best practices, and feasible business models for lounges.


Our team has extensive experience in helping businesses establish efficient and compliant processing operations. Our team has done everything from product quality control and production output efficiencies to developing sales teams and to-market strategies.  If you're just getting started, are an operator who wants to improve processes, or want a better sales methodology we've got your back. 

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See what some of our clients have to say about their success stories.

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Keith C.
Deep Roots Harvest
The team fully prepared us to launch our first dispensary, everything from our state compliant SOPs, to doing the state inspection with us for approval, and setting up the store and preparing the team. We worked with them to help us get our second set of vertical licenses, and we have been successful ever since.
GLP pic.png
Founding Member
Ros P.
Southern Crop
We encourage everyone to work with the Cann Strategy team and we look forward to continued success.  We entrusted them to write SOPs for our entire vertical application and became one of the first licensees in Mississippi.
Beautiful colorful lounge.png
Kouanin V.
Green Life Productions
My husband and I have had a successful cultivation for years and worked with Cann Strategy for our first social consumption lounge license since it was a new business type for us. I was nervous because there were only 20 licenses available for non-dispensary owners.  They wrote every SOP to the absolute T and now we're (proudly) one of the VERY FIRST 20 lounge license holders in Nevada!
luxurious cannabis dispensary interior with lavendar decor, a large decorative chandelier,
Amalia R.
Kechwa LLC
I was VERY happy to have been referred to Cann strategy by our legal team.  The first application we submitted came back with deficiencies and we only had 10 days to fix them or else we were done for.  The Cann Strategy team fixed the whole application in time and we WON!  We got a Chicago dispensary license!
Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 3.58.58 PM.png
Florence J.
Tree of Life
The team wrote our dispensary license applications and helped all of our ownership tea through every step of the process.  We would have felt lucky just getting one license and we won THREE of them, in the most popular jurisdictions. I was both shocked and over the moon that we chose to work with a team that presented our business so well in the competitive application process.
Green Wateroclor Leaf Linktree Background.png
Sanjay B.
Down to Earth Canna
New York
We went ALL in and contracted for the Diamond Level License Application Consulting was nothing short of phenomenal! Every twist, turn, and hurdle on our journey was expertly navigated with their relentless dedication. They didn't just consult; they became our indispensable allies, connecting us with top-notch vendors, opening doors to key industry players, and even helping us in negotiations – we were never left to fend for ourselves. Any cannabis business hungry for success needs Cann Strategy in their corner – they're the game-changer you've been searching for!


There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through a few examples of our work. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.  By hovering over each logo you'll see a brief description of the project completed with each client.













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As the business and cannabis landscapes evolve, we’re not just observers—we’re thought leaders, insight sharers, and trendsetters. Our mission is not just to keep pace with the industry, but to steer it towards a more profitable and purposeful future by participating in the public conversation through media interviews and speaking engagements. By challenging outdated structures that no longer serve society, we envision a cannabis industry that thrives on innovation, intentionality, responsibility, and ethical business practices. Engage with us as we share insights, discuss trends, and help shape an industry that's both highly profitable and highly purposeful. Let's redefine what it means to do business in the world of cannabis.

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