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Working with executives and entrepreneurs in founding, enhancing, integrating, and expanding cannabis ventures.

Consulting Services

From launching and optimizing, to merging and expanding, our customized services drive success for cannabis companies at every phase.

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From diagnostic review to full operational efficiency analysis our operational refinement services take what you've built and make it even better whether you know the ways you want it to improve or you're looking for an objective perspective.    Learn more...


Launch and Scale

Our hands-on approach in orchestrating operational setups ensures you hit the ground running. Moreover, we empower your team with elite training programs designed to forge industry leaders, ensuring that every member is equipped to excel. Learn more...

Certified Quality Blue Ribbon

Cannabis License Applications

We turn the complex maze of licensing into a visible path. Our track record is a testament to our ability to navigate the intricate tapestry of regulations with finesse, doing everything within our power to secure your spot in the best markets. Learn more...

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Monthly Retainer

This premium offering allows businesses to retain our expertise on an ongoing basis for operations and strategic advice. With this service, we become a consistent partner, providing continuous guidance to navigate through operational complexities and strategic decisions. Learn more...

Who Works With Us


Running a successful dispensary requires more than just obtaining a license—it demands excellence in daily operations, customer service, and compliance. By implementing best practices in retail management, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring regulatory compliance, we empower your dispensary to stand out in a competitive market. You seek streamlined processes, inventory management, and staff training to ensure your business thrives. At Cann Strategy, we specialize in optimizing your dispensary's operations to boost efficiency and profitability. 

Cultivation Facility

Running a cultivation facility demands a high level of operational excellence and strict adherence to regulatory standards. You require robust compliance measures, detailed operating procedures, efficient inventory control, and innovative product development strategies to thrive in this competitive industry. Cann Strategy is dedicated to enhancing your facility's operations by ensuring all aspects of compliance are meticulously managed, standardizing procedures for consistency and quality, optimizing inventory management, and driving innovative product development. 

Processing Facility

Processing cannabis involves complex procedures that require precision, safety, and compliance. Whether you’re extracting, refining, or packaging, your facility needs to operate at peak efficiency to maintain product integrity and regulatory compliance. At Cann Strategy, we help streamline your processing operations, focusing on improving efficiency, quality control, and safety protocols. By optimizing workflows and implementing industry best practices, we ensure your processing facility produces high-quality products consistently, meeting both consumer expectations and legal standards.

Consumption Lounge

Creating a memorable experience in a consumption lounge goes beyond just providing a space for cannabis use—it’s about creating a safe, enjoyable, and compliant environment for your customers. You need effective operational strategies, staff training, and compliance measures to ensure your lounge becomes a destination of choice. Cann Strategy partners with you to design and implement operational frameworks that enhance customer experience, ensure safety, and maintain regulatory compliance. We help you transform your vision into a thriving social hub where customers feel welcomed and valued.

Our Business Insights

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About This Company

Cann Strategy is a leading consulting firm dedicated to raising the standards of cannabis ventures.


We believe that strong operations are the foundation upon which to build an outstanding cannabis venture, and we're here to support the entire journey—both operationally and strategically. 

With nearly a decade in business in the cannabis industry, we understand the unique challenges faced across the entire vertical - dispensaries, cultivation facilities, processing centers, and consumption lounges. Our mission is to help cannabis executives and entrepreneurs overcome those challenges and bring the big picture vision to fruition. 


This is what some of our clients have to say about their success stories with our consultants.

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Sanjay B.

Down to Earth Canna

New York

We went ALL in and contracted for the Diamond Level License Application Consulting was nothing short of phenomenal! We were among the first to win an adult use retail dispensary license in New York. Cann Strategy didn't just consult; they became our indispensable allies  – they were a game changer.

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Amalia R.

Kechwa LLC


I was VERY happy to have been referred to Cann strategy by our legal team.  We only had 10 days to fix our original application (we did on our own) or else we were done for.  The Cann Strategy team fixed the whole application in time and we WON!  We got a Chicago dispensary license!

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at


Florence J.

Tree of Life


The team wrote our dispensary license applications and helped all of our ownership team through every step of the process.  There were only 60 licenses available in the state. We would have felt lucky just getting one dispensary license and we won THREE of them, in the most popular jurisdictions.

Deep roots harvest interior_edited.png


Keith C.

Deep Roots Harvest


The team fully prepared us to launch our first dispensary, everything from our state compliant SOPs, to doing the state inspection with us for approval, and setting up the store and preparing the team. We worked with them to get our second set of vertical licenses, and we have been successful ever since.

Cannabis cultivation indoor grow room with rows of mature plants and lights on the ceilling

Founding Member

Ros P.

Southern Crop


We encourage everyone to work with the Cann Strategy team and we look forward to continued success.  We entrusted them to write SOPs for our entire vertical application and became one of the first licensees in Mississippi.

Large restaurant social consumption lounge with colorful chairs, plants handing from the ceilings and a lot of natural daylig


Kouanin V.

Green Life Productions


My husband and I have had a successful cultivation for years and worked with Cann Strategy for our first social consumption lounge license. They wrote every business plan and SOP to the absolute T and now we're proudly one of the VERY FIRST 20 lounge license holders in the entire state!

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We have a present voice in the cannabis industry for the benefit of our mission and our clients.

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