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There's always a way to do better and get better results.  We pave that way for you.


Over our 9 years in business we have developed creative methodologies tailored to each aspect of the cannabis business. Whether you an established enterprise looking to expand or up-level, or are new to the cannabis industry and seeking advice on licensing or operations, Cann Strategy is here to make it happen.


We work with clients from the very inception of their idea all the way through their doors opening for business (and beyond).  When it comes to dispensaries we've done everything from winning license applications in competitive markets, setting up operations for the first time, and helped develop and implement execute multi-state expansion initiatives. 


As the demand for cannabis continues to grow, so does the need for expertly cultivated cannabis. Our knowledgeable team has developed robust cultivation standard operating procedures, helped cultivation facilities remain operationally compliant through years of operation, and developed to-market and sales strategies.

Social Consumption Lounges

Social consumption lounges are a relatively new concept in the cannabis industry, and we can help you navigate this uncharted territory.  Having written complete standard operating procedures for some of the first licensed cannabis consumption lounges we have immersed ourselves in the intricacies of operations, best practices, and feasible business models for lounges.


Our team has extensive experience in helping businesses establish efficient and compliant processing operations. Our team has done everything from product quality control and production output efficiencies to developing sales teams and to-market strategies.  If you're just getting started, want to improve processes, or want a better sales methodology our team is here to help. 

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Ready to get started?


This is what some of our clients have to say about their success stories.

Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary beautiful dispensary interior with wood finishings


Keith C.

Deep Roots Harvest


The team fully prepared us to launch our first dispensary, everything from our state compliant SOPs, to doing the state inspection with us for approval, and setting up the store and preparing the team. We worked with them to get our second set of vertical licenses, and we have been successful ever since.

Cannabis cultivation indoor grow room with rows of mature plants and lights on the ceilling

Founding Member

Ros P.

Southern Crop


We encourage everyone to work with the Cann Strategy team and we look forward to continued success.  We entrusted them to write SOPs for our entire vertical application and became one of the first licensees in Mississippi.

Large restaurant social consumption lounge with colorful chairs, plants handing from the ceilings and a lot of natural daylig


Kouanin V.

Green Life Productions


My husband and I have had a successful cultivation for years and worked with Cann Strategy for our first social consumption lounge license. They wrote every business plan and SOP to the absolute T and now we're proudly one of the VERY FIRST 20 lounge license holders in Nevada!

AI generated image of a dispensary interior with lilac walls and a chandelier in the middke


Amalia R.

Kechwa LLC


I was VERY happy to have been referred to Cann strategy by our legal team.  We only had 10 days to fix our original application (we did on our own) or else we were done for.  The Cann Strategy team fixed the whole application in time and we WON!  We got a Chicago dispensary license!

Long counter top in a dispensary with a wood wall behind the counter and many white point of sale stations on the countertop


Florence J.

Tree of Life


The team wrote our dispensary license applications and helped all of our ownership team through every step of the process.  There were only 60 licenses available in the state. We would have felt lucky just getting one dispensary license and we won THREE of them, in the most popular jurisdictions.

Cannabis transaction at a dispensary with a credit card processor and jar of cannabis flower


Sanjay B.

Down to Earth Canna

New York

We went ALL in and contracted for the Diamond Level License Application Consulting was nothing short of phenomenal! We were among the first to win an adult use retail dispensary license in New York. Cann Strategy didn't just consult; they became our indispensable allies  – they were a game changer.


Take a few moments to see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.  By hovering over each logo you'll see a brief description of the project completed with each client.



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Competitive application high score rate

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Years in business.


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Adult use cannabis states.

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Expert cannabis

industry partners.

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Medical cannabis


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Categories of plant touching cannabis businesses served.

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We envision a cannabis industry that thrives on innovation, intentionality, responsibility, and ethical business practices.  Let's define what it means to do business in the world of cannabis.



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