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Cannabis Business Consulting Team

Integrity. Knowledge. Vision.

Founder & Cannabis Business Strategist

Juliana Whitney, MBA

Juliana Whitney Cannabis Business Strategy
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"Many in the cannabis industry often follow their neighbors' lead, but true leadership involves carving your own path. Despite the challenges, this space is brimming with opportunities to innovate and excel. Focus on becoming the best version of your business for your team and customers. This is how you'll stand out and succeed."

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Juliana Whitney, the driving force behind Cann Strategy, stands out as a visionary cannabis business strategist and entrepreneur. With a Master's degree in Business Administration specializing in New Venture Development, she has been exploring ways to unlock the full potential of emerging ventures in the cannabis industry since 2015. 

Juliana's journey began as a key member of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. There, she mastered customer relations, inventory management, sales, operating procedures, and staff training, while navigating complex regulatory landscapes. These early experiences revealed the multifaceted challenges faced by new cannabis ventures, igniting her passion to make a larger impact.


In 2016, Juliana transitioned into cannabis business consulting, where she refined a unique blend of functional expertise and keen intuition to address the specific needs of each client. Her approach combines traditional strategies with innovative solutions to drive business success. Juliana has led teams to secure competitive licenses and develop industry-leading ventures, such as launching the first dispensary for Deep Roots Harvest, which has grown into a vertically integrated operation with seven locations. She also developed the training program for Planet 13 Holdings, training over 500 dispensary employees, wrote the operating procedures to obtain two of the first social consumption lounge licenses in Nevada in 2023, and in 2024 led clients to winning some of the first adult use cannabis dispensary licenses in New York City. 

A recognized mind in the field, Juliana has been featured on numerous industry podcasts and news outlets. She is a sought-after speaker, sharing her insights on business success, leadership, and the future of cannabis business at events like the G4 Live Convention in Las Vegas, the Ohio Classic, the Cleveland School of Cannabis, and Cannadelic Miami. 

Lead Cannabis Business Consultants

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Kristine T.

Cannabis Business Development

Kristine Thompson cannabis business consultant at Cann Strategy
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Since joining the cannabis industry in 2015, Kristine Thompson ("KC") has proven herself a pivotal asset in the realm of sales and business strategy. 


KC's notable achievements include stellar sales leadership in dispensaries and for top-tier brands like Dixie, Cresco, Herve, Manna, Baskin, and Two Roots. Her expertise lies in shaping effective revenue driving sales strategies, assembling and training high-performing teams, and launching active go-to-market plans. With a track record of exceeding revenue goals and enhancing market penetration,


KC ensures Cann Strategy's consulting clients consistently achieve and surpass their sales targets, build an unshakable reputation, and are equipped with teams that act as true contributors to the growth of a business.

Geno V.

Operational Excellence & Facility Efficiency

Geno Vildasola cannabis business operations
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Geno drew from his robust experience in Defense Aerospace and applied those same efficiency and performance standards to cannabis business. With his degree from USC in Industrial Systems Engineering, and as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Geno is driven by a relentless pursuit of operational excellence for Cann Strategy's clients, spanning processing, cultivation, lounge, and retail sectors.


Geno stands out as an operations professional. He has held Director of Operational Excellence positions at one of the fastest growing Multi State vertically integrated cannabis companies in the country, Planet 13, using his vast array of skills to improve operational efficiency and substantially increase product output for the company's numerous extract and edibles brands.  


Whether setting up efficient systems from the get-go or evaluating current operations to find opportunities for enhanced efficiencies, Geno's expertise invariably leads to higher outputs, efficient customer flow, and substantial cost savings.

Nick B.

Brand Vision & Product Design

Nick Bembenek artistic director and product developer
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An experienced brand and product designer, Nick Bembenek has guided the creative direction of branding, web design, marketing assets, product packaging, and swag as the creative director for over 25 startups across a multitude of sectors including fashion, technology, and cannabis.


At Cann Strategy, Nick serves as the linchpin for clients, ensuring that their brand vision is crisply defined, effectively communicated, and executed with uncompromising excellence. Whether aiding in initial development or revamping and existing brand for products or retail dispensaries, he acts as a steadfast designer or liaison for clients and their chosen branding firms, ensuring that their vision is fully defined accurately communicated and upholds the highest standards of design for presentation in the competitive cannabis market.

Paris W.

Project Management & Communications

Paris Williams
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With her academic foundation rooted in a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida, complemented by a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Paris brings a unique blend of insight and creativity to our team.

Since joining Cann Strategy in 2023, Paris has become an indispensable asset to both our internal framework and client-oriented projects. She delves into the ever-evolving cannabis industry topics, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date and relevant information. In addition to these roles, Paris contributes significantly to business development initiatives, where her entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking drive growth for Cann Strategy and our esteemed clients.

Paris embodies the forward-thinking ethos of Cann Strategy, always striving for excellence and innovation in everything she does. Her work not only enriches our team but also ensures that we provide comprehensive support and cutting-edge strategies to the businesses we serve within the cannabis industry.

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi


Custom. Focus. Precision

Certified Quality Blue Ribbon

Approved Industry Partners

Cann Strategy prides itself on the strong relationships and partnerships we've cultivated with a diverse array of well-vetted industry experts over the years. Our network spans across various sectors, including construction and architecture, real estate brokers and attorneys, to cutting-edge technologies and systems, all specializing in the cannabis industry. By collaborating closely with these seasoned professionals, we ensure that our clients have access to the best-qualified and most cooperative experts in the field. This strategic collaboration is a cornerstone of the eased path to success our clients enjoy, as it allows us to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions that address every facet of their business needs. At Cann Strategy, we're not just consultants; we're connectors, bringing together the finest minds in the industry to pave the way for our clients' success.

cannabis license application papers

Application Support

Application assistants are paralegals, editors, floor plan designers, and other individuals with the role of providing support during competitive licensing application processes to ensure completeness, accuracy, and maximized input.

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Specialized Experts

Consulting projects each require a different customized mix of cannabis business expert minds to create the best results for each company's unique needs. When appropriate, we curate each project team using a selection of trusted professionals with various applicable skillsets that are best suited for each client.

hand of a person typing on a laptop reaserching regulations and law on a computer with translucent white images floating in the air of legal documents

Industry Researchers

Researchers constantly stay in the know of cannabis regulations, regulatory board ongoings, and business trends. They're on hand to stay in the know on a regular basis and to ensure Cann Strategy consultants can provide the quick updates and answers that our clients trust us for.

financial plan graphs and charts on chalkboard

Implementation Assistants

Our Implementation Specialists are the linchpins in the successful execution of our on-site projects, especially when the scope of work demands extensive hands-on involvement or a consistent on-site presence. These dedicated professionals ensure that every detail of the project plans and strategies is meticulously followed and executed to perfection. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our Implementation Specialists work tirelessly on the ground to bring our strategic visions to life, guaranteeing that every project not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations. Their role is critical in transforming our carefully laid plans into tangible results, making them an indispensable part of the Cann Strategy team.

Business Deal


All project types require ongoing communications with regulators, service providers, client representatives, community officials, and more. Assigned team liaisons make sure that communication is maintained and nothing falls through the cracks by managing the many emails and calls between various parties and ensuring that the Cann Strategy consultants and their clients stay fully up to date and responsive.

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