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Launch & Scale Cannabis Operations

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Boldly launch
Intelligently scale.

From single location to multi-state operation, you can count on us from the planning phase to the opening days.

Lead the way.

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Launching new cannabis businesses.

Multi-location & multi-state expansion for existing operations.

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  • Share your vision and target locations.

  • Based on your vision we map out the project and get your approval to run with it - from facility plan to grand opening.

  • Receive regular updates and provide your insights as we align the project with your business plan.

  • We manage timelines and collaboration with essential service providers and officials to keep everything on track.

  • We assess and mitigate risks, problem solve, and help you navigate potential pitfalls smoothly.

  • Ensure a detailed and comprehensive setup that aligns with the Standard Operating Procedures and state regulations.

  • Vet, select and train top local talent.

  • Post-launch observation, feedback and refinement processes to optimize operations​

Cann Strategy is focused on fueling high achieving businesses.

Set each location up for success with our specific and detail oriented approach.

We handle all the logistics of planning and coordinating timely execution of those plans.

Ensure that goals and incentives remain aligned with the over all vision.

Have state regulation woven in to every aspect of the operation from tech to training.

Streamline the process.

The entire process is managed for you to make a complex process as simple as possible.

Have one trusted source for all of your answers and updates .

Best practices in every action we take.

Accelerate your progress.

Ok. I need to know more...

Can Cann Strategy assist with scaling my business beyond its initial launch?

Yes! Our favorite part is scaling operations efficiently while maintaining compliance and quality standards. We're here to support long-term growth strategies for your cannabis enterprise.

How does Cann Strategy ensure regulatory alignment?

We pride ourselves on our up-to-date knowledge of state regulations and industry best practices. By aligning with us, you can trust that your business plan will meet all legal requirements, helping you avoid costly fines and setbacks.

What does Streamlined Startup mean?

Streamlined Startup means we coordinate every aspect of your project from obtaining approvals to opening day. This comprehensive approach reduces delays, ensures quality control, and simplifies the process for you as an entrepreneur.

Can Cann Strategy help if I already have a cannabis business license?

Is there an advantage to working with Cann Strategy over navigating the process on my own or with our internal team?

What if I encounter unexpected issues after my cannabis business has launched?

You haven't answered all my questions.

Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time.

- Jamie Simon, CEO JP Morgan Chase

Open doors with pride.

Cann Strategy by your side.

Success amplified.

Take the next step.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us.

Tell us how we can support your success.

We're here to listen.

Thank you for your message!

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