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Nevada  cannabis consultants


Cannabis Consultant Insights

Nevada Cannabis Consultant Insights

Introduction to *State Cannabis*

Write a professional and approachable overview of the state's cannabis regulation and business outlook.  Include a review of the state's path to cannabis legalization, the performance of cannabis businesses up to this point (if any) and projections for market earnings in the state if available.

Legal Framework

Please discuss whether the state allows medical cannabis or adult use cannabis, when the votes for legalization occurred, how much cannabis consumers are allowed to possess or purchase at one time, applicable tax rates,

Comprehensive Guide to Types of Cannabis Licenses in *State*
Please list each license type available in *state* and follow each license type by a definition of the license type, and a bulleted list of what the business license type is allowed to do.

Process for Cannabis Business License Applications in *State*

Please list the basic requirements for being eligible for applying for a cannabis license including age, proof of funds (if required), background check, residency, business experience. Then, list the operating plans and financial plans required for the application, followed by any required forms.  Then, discuss zoning requirements, property distance requirements, and if the applicant must have control over a property prior to applying.

Limitations on Operating Cannabis Business in *State*

Please discuss any limitations on license holders including how many licenses they're allowed to own or invest in and what types of licenses they're allowed to hold.  Are license holders allowed to own different types of licenses or can they only own one type?

Social Equity in *State* Cannabis Businesses

Is there a social equity aspect to the license application process?  If so, what are the requirements for social equity licensure, is a certain percentage of licenses given that must be social equity qualified, and does the social equity qualified applicant have to own a certain percentage of the business?

Business Competition
Based on the population of the state, the size of the market (if it's medical or adult use), the number of tourists to the state per year, and the number of cannabis licenses available in the state, how competitive will the market be once licensed? Please provide a reasonable and professional analysis that will be useful for investors and entrepreneurs who are entering the market as cannabis business owners.
SWOT Analysis of *State* as a Cannabis Market
Based on the level of competition in the state's cannabis business market, the limitations or lack thereof on cannabis business license ownership, the legal framework of cannabis regulations, and the culture, behaviors and income level of the residents of the state please create a straightforward and useful SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis).
Seeking Support from Industry Professionals: Role of Cann Strategy as Your Cannabis Business Consulting Firm

Write a unique call to action to work with Cann Strategy as a cannabis business consulting firm. Operating a cannabis business takes a lot of work. Cann Strategy is a cannabis consulting firm that help supercharge the process to getting that work done.  Our suite of services is tailored specifically for needs of cannabis businesses relating to the foundations of operations and building off that foundation in a multitude of ways for business success.  Winning the license is just the first step.  Operations, business planning, and intelligent strategy development and implementation is where the success happens and that's what Cann Strategy is here for. 

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